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Support Elmhurst teens exploring art. Your gift will support Teen Art Council field trips to other museums, publications, staff guidance, and public art installations. Our Board will match your year-end donation to sustain the Teen Art Council program.

The Elmhurst Art Museum’s Teen Art Council is composed of a group of dedicated and enthusiastic artists, change-makers, and innovative thinkers. These high school students are motivated to amplify their own creative and curious voices. Teens work directly with museum professionals, and learn more about the art of their time, plan their own events and projects, and voice opinions on things they would like to see in their community.

About the Teen Art Council


“One skill I’ve learned at the Teen Art Council is communication. I’ve been able to work with other kids my age and adults involved in the artworld.” – Hannah Lonergan

“Museums these days are viewed as something to look at, but this museum has a lot of interactive experiences you can be a part of.” – April Fatheree

Donate Now to invest in the curious, and double your impact with our Board's year-end match challenge.



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