Projects Watches, Ora Major


Projects Watches, Ora Major, 40 mm Blk Lthr Band, PJT-7294B: 

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Designer: Alessio Romano

Ora Major by Alessio Romano provides a modern interpretation of the world’s original timepiece – the Constellations.

Romano was inspired by the notion that other planets in the galaxy might be sharing the same universal timepiece. The red hour and white minute hands align like stars across a dial as dark as the night sky. The orientation of Ora Major’s Constellation shifts with the passing of time.

Designer Alessio Romano attended the Institute of Art, Catania, Italy and Graduated the IED [ Instituto Europeo di Design] Milan, Italy. Since opening his design studio in 2006 his industrial design and product design have encompassed lighting, furniture, household and personal accessories. This awarded designer splits his time between studios in Cannes, France and Milan Italy.

Ora Major is Romano’s second watch for Projects Watches after The Optical Watch Series.

Ora Major is made of black IPB stainless steel with a black silicone band, and utilizes a high quality Japanese movement.  Ora Major is a unisex-size case measuring 40mm (1.57″) in diameter. The watch measures 9.5” from end to end; to 6.5″ at the closest hole and 8.5″ inches from the farthest hole.

Projects Watches partners with architects, designers, illustrators and other creatives from around the world to create works of art you can wear. 

WEIGHT .5 lbs








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