Projects Watches, Diagram 17 STEEL


The Diagram 17 watch, inspired by the work of abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky, consists of three hands, the hour, minute and second. The hour hand is represented by the group of three lines. The line in the center extending the farthest indicates the hour. The minute hand is represented by the singularly long hand (side without the two half circles) that extends to the edge of the dial. Finally, the second hand located in the center is represented by the small rectangular hand. 

Currently in the Projects Watch collection fall into one of three categories. Architect-Designed Watches, which emphasize a three dimensional approach and incorporate color and structure. Kinetic Watches, which are aimed at the type of person who usually depend upon their phone to check the time. These watches are unique in that they are all interactive in some way, meaning they don’t tell time, they emphasize good design, and happen to tell time as well. Our last category is the M&Co Collection, these watches were designed in the 1980s by Tibor Kalman, a graphic designer and visionary. Since their inception these watches have developed a loyal and steadfast following. With many of the watches in the collection playing upon graphics and simplicity, it is easy to see why these watches will never go out of style.

Projects Watches, PJT-7217SBS-40, Diagram 17 Steel, Bk Silicone Band, 958080721769, 09/10/2019.

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