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Beyond The Horizon Watch

Design: Negroimpar

The Beyond the Horizon Watch might not be the view from the cockpit, but it sure feels like it could be. Set your course for Beyond the Horizon and push the throttle in to start your journey. This refreshing design from the Spanish design team of Negroimpar delivers Wunderlust!

A 40mm Black IP Steel case frames a Horizon. The outer white ring indicates the Hours in two rows. A Black hand will always point you to the hour. The inner black ring defines the minutes in two rows. A White hand will always define the minute. The movement of this watch is truly unique and is certain to be a conversation starter. If you’re a pilot, or just an adventurer at heart, strap on the Beyond the Horizon watch and head out for your own adventure.

The Beyond the Horizon Watch is available with either Black or Saddle leather bands, or with our signature black mesh band.

The watch is designed by NEGROIMPAR (Spain).  Its principals, Alvaro Alvarez, an Industrial Designer (graduated from the IED Madrid) specializes in product and furniture design and Maria Lopez an Architect (graduated from the ETSAM, Polytechnic University of Madrid) specializes in energy-efficient architecture solutions and creative processes. While working for different architectural studios in Madrid, they started collaborating in parallel with each other on the development of cutting edge design concepts.

Projects Watches partners with architects, designers, illustrators and other creatives from around the world to create works of art you can wear.

WEIGHT .5 lbs











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